Dear Aspirants,

As we all know that IBPS PO 2020 notification is going to release tentatively in the month of August 2020 as per the official calendar released by IBPS. Most of the aspirants, who are preparing for IBPS PO, or get failure last time, were confused about the calculation of total marks obtained in Mains exam + Interview and after normalization. Here we have enlisted the article about How IBPS marks are calculated which will clear your all queries regarding overall marks calculation after normalization. You must go through the following important article to crack the Exam as follows:

How overall IBPS marks are calculated for final selection:

1. Calculation of overall Marks obtained in Prelims or Mains Exam:

Overall marks are the actual marks that a candidate obtained in each section either in prelims or mains exam. It is calculated as

(Marks of correct questions) – (Marks of incorrect questions/4)

2. Normalization of Marks:

Normalization is a process in which marks are recalculated to balance the difficulty levels of different slots. The overall marks obtained in prelims or mains exam are normalized by IBPS based on difficulty levels of different shifts.

For example:

Let two candidates A and B appeared for the exam in two different slots. The exam which was conducted for Candidate A was slightly tough then the exam conducted for Candidate B. So it will be unfair for Candidate A to be judged on the same scale as the candidates B appearing for easier slots. Hence, most exams use a mathematical model called, Normalization, to balance this difference. After normalization, the total marks of Candidate A in individual sections will increase and the marks of candidate B appeared for the easy slot will decrease. This is a highly effective method, so you need not worry about the easier or tough slots of your exams.

3. Rounding Off marks for final cut off:

Final scores after normalization are rounded off up to two decimal points. Once, they have normalized marks of all candidates, the overall and sectional cut off marks are decided for by the organization based upon the total number of vacancies.

Overall Calculation of IBPS PO marks for final selection:

The marks obtained in IBPS PO Mains exam and Interview are calculated for overall marks for final selection. The weight age for mains exam and interview is 80:20 in ratio. Means 80% of marks obtained in mains exam are added to 20% marks obtained in the interview.

Example: Let a candidate has scored 100 marks out of 200 in mains examination and the marks scored in an interview is 70 out of 100. What are the overall marks scored in IBPS PO?


As we mentioned above that the final score will be (80% of written exam + 20% of the marks scored in an interview)

  • The percentile marks obtained in mains exam is 100*80/200 = 40
  • The percentile marks obtained in an interview is 70*20/100= 14
  • Total percentile will be 40+14 = 54 marks.

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