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How can I create My MakeMyExam Account?

Welcome to MakeMyExam! Keeping an account is absolutely free, you can sign up for creating an account through mobile apps or Website:

  • Install MakeMyExam app from Play/App store or go to makemyexam.in and click "SignUp".
  • Sign up lightning fast by connecting with facebook, or sign up with your email address. There is no need to verify Mobile Number.
How Can I change Profile picture, Name and Location?

You will be able to change your profile picture by simply following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to My Profile on the homepage of the app and tap on edit button of the profile picture.
  • Click Gallery or camera tab to select any image of your choice.
  • Select your desired image to be uploaded as a profile picture.

Note: Select your desired image to be uploaded as a profile picture.

I have forgotten my password. How Can I reset my password?

In case you registered on MakeMyExam using Google or Facebook (accounts), you need not to reset any password as you have not created any password for MakeMyExam.

For the users who registered with their email ids, follow the given steps to for resetting your password:

  • You need to click on Login tab, thereafter You will encounter an option to 'Forgot Password'.
  • After selecting Forgot Password option, you will be asked to enter your email or mobile number.
  • (After) Entering the Email/Mobile (number) you will get (a) reset password link in message box or Email account.
  • Using the same link you shall be able to reset your password.


How can I create a post on MakeMyExam?

Creating a post is quite easy, you just have to tap on write something here or click on write button to start posting. After tapping you will be given with following option(s) for creating a post.

Post a Query : (By) Using this option (a) user can ask any query related to his/her desired exam/subject.

Share your MCQ : User can post any objective type question with option. This can be treated as a quiz or poll for the users.

Share info : This option is for sharing some valuable information like Notes, Exam update which will help other users to achieve their desired goal.

Share Exam Experience : This option is for those who recently appeared for any examination and want to share their exam experience with other counterparts.

Upload a Video : This option is not open for everyone, to upload a video one needs to qualify the eligibility criteria and needs to become a mentor.

User needs to select the Exam for which he wants to create post,(and) then he need(s) to select subject.

How can I become a mentor ?

One needs to fulfill the eligibility criteria to become a mentor. Mentor has a right to upload his/her recorded video in the application. Moreover mentor posts are also highlighted for the users in the feed section. Given criteria is fixed to become a mentor

Minimum No. of Followers - 100

Minimum No. of Followers - 100

Number of Queries Answered : 100

How can I tag someone while creating a post ?

We have provided you (with) the option of tagging people while creating a post. For tagging someone you simply need to tap Tag Friends while posting. It will open a list of MME Expert(s), (Mentors) and users I (you) follow. Just select the person you want to tag and continue posting.


What is MakeMyExam coins ?

Coins are performance indicator and represent you expertise in a subject or a topic. These coins will automatically be converted to Rupees as per the conversion Table. User can use this money to buy anything from app.

How Can I earn coins?

You can collect coin by doing the given actions.

  • Quiz Performance
  • Attempting MCQ Correctly
  • Creating Posts
  • Sharing Post
  • Referral Coins
  • Like and Comment on your posts
How Many points can I earn?

There is no limit on earning the coins. User can unlimited coins.

How can I Redeem my points?

User can redeem his points while making purchase in Exam Prep Section. User can buy any course by redeeming the coins in terms of Rupees.

Can I get my coin my credited into my bank account?

User can not get the money earned from coins credited into his bank account. Money earned can only be used to make transaction within the app.

Can I make any online transaction outside the MakeMyExam app by using My Earned Money?

This is not possible, user can only use coins or Earned money to make transaction among the courses published in the app only.


How can I buy any Course ?

Its quite easy to buy any course from Exam Prep section. You can pay using PayTM, Debit Card, Credit Card or Net banking. Once done with the payment Online courses like Test Series, Video Course and Concepts will be provided instantly but for Books purchase you might have to wait for 7 business day for material delivery.

I have made the payment, Can I get the refund?

There is no refund policy. We do not refund any payment if made once.


What in the case if someone post irrelevant or abusive content ?

Any user can report the same by tapping on the Report Post tab. Once receive the repost our team will look into the content and if found irrelevant or abusive will surely delete the same and strict action will be taken against the user.

What action will be taken against the user posting irrelevant or abusive content ?

MakeMyExam reserved the right to Block the user permanently who do these sort of activities.