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Dear Aspirants,

IBPS SO IT Officer Exam is going to be conducted, We hope you all have been preparing well for this exam. To brush up your preparation at this stage,  here are some Previous year questions of IT Officer for IBPS SO exam with their Answer Key.You Should attempt these Previous year  questions in order to crack the upcoming IBPS SO Exam.


1.  What type of virus uses computer hosts to re produce itself?

A. Worm                              B. Time bomb

C. Melissa virus                  D. Micro virus

E. Macro virus

2. the internet has resulted in a (n) .......communication costs.

A. freeze of                        B. lowering of

C. status quo of                 D.  increase in

E. elimination of

3. HTML commands such as are known as

A. browser requests          B. labels

C. tags                               D. tickets

E.  flags

4. in order to connect one's computer through the internet from another location .......should be used.

A. an attachment               B. Telnet

C. instant message           D. FTP

E.  e-mail

5. The ........ stores information about the data in the database.

A. Data dictionary             B. Data warehouse

C. Data mine                    D. Administrative data systems

E. Data depository

6. The offer of after sales services to customers over the internet is a .................. activity.

A. C2C                             B. B2C

C. spam                           D. hacking

E. B2B

7. A web facility that helps to find sites with the information and or services that is desired ..........

A. A blog                          B. The top-level domain

C. A search engine          D. A network access point

E. A hyperlink

8.   ....... is the measurement of body parts such as fingerprints and retinal scans used for security access.

A. Biometrics                                      B. Physio-measures

C. Smart weapon machinery              D. Bio-measurement

E. Computer security

9. Open standards refer to ..............

A.  standards not owned by any company                           

B. standards used by all countries

C. standards that are free to all parties                                 

D. software standards for a particular organization

E. software programs running on different types of operating systems.

10. Security procedures can .......

A. reduce but not eliminate risks.                                         

B. eliminate all computer security risks

C. be prohibitively expensive                                              

D. be inaccessible for the average home user

E. dissuade computer usage

11. CRM uses information about ....... to establish long term relationship.

A. industry contacts                         B. customers

C. competitions                                D. countries

E. culture

12.Broadband connections include all of the following except ........

A. DSL                                             B. cable modems

C. telephone modems                     D. USB modems

E. satellites

13. FTP stands for-

A. Field Transfer Protocol               B. First Transfer Preference

C. File Transactions Processes      D. File Transactions Processes

E. Folder Transfer Protocol

14. TCP/ IP stands for

A. Translation Computing Procedures/international Protocols

B. Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet protocol

C. Transmission Control Procedures/ Internet Procedures

D. Transaction Computing Printing/Internet processing

E. Transmitter Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

15. This address Changes temporarily as the applications connect to the internet ......

A. static IP address                         B. unique IP address

C. dynamic IP address                    D. common name and number

E. derived IP address

16.   ........ tags on goods enable the tracking of the goods electronically.

A. REID                                           B. ISP

C. GPS                                            D. IMD


17. Web pages can be created using .......

A. only Web authoring software                B. only Microsoft products

C. only Microsoft Front page                     D. only Macromedia Dreamweaver

E. any word processer.

18. A list of web pages visited during the current session is kept in the browser's......

A. favourites                                       B. trail

C. cache                                             D. dump

E. history

19. An IDS does not .....

A. try to identify attempts to hack into a computer system.

B. monitor packets passing over the network,

C. transmit message packets to the correct destination.

D. set up deception systems that attempt to trap hackers.

E. provide any form of security to a computer system.

20. TI and T3 connections are considered .......

A. direct satellite connections          B. complex connections

C. dial-up connections                     D. direct connections

E. broadband

21. The ........ key in a relational database links one table to another.

A. secondary                                   B. relational

C. Operational                                 D. linker

E. foreign

22. URL stands for

A. unique Representation Location            B. Uniform Resource Locator

C. Uniform Resource Location                   D. Unique Resource Locator

E. Universal Resource Location

23. A text or on image which, when clicked, takes the user to another Web site/ page .....

A. A Wiki                                                    B. A hyperlink

C. The top level domain                             D. An e-mail

E. A blog

24. A (n) ...... accesses the database and data dictionary in a DBMS as they exists on a storage device.

A. application generation sub system          B. DBMS engine

C. Data engine                                             D. data administration system

E. data definition sub system

25. Which of the following is a small program embedded within a GIF image?

A. web bug                                                   B. cookie

C. web deceiver                                           D. spam

E. spyware application

26.  ....... allows the use of  an internet connection for making phone calls.

A. VoIP                                                        B. FTP

C. DSL                                                         D. F2b2C


27. The scrambling of code is known as

A. password proofing                                   B. deception           

C. encryption                                                D. Fix walling

E.  Scrambling

28. The hierarchical database organizes data in a(n) .........

A. flat file                                                       B. tuple

C. OODMBS                                                 D. relation file

E. treelike structure

29. The formal set of rules, through which computers communicate, are called.

A. Protocols                                                   B. patterns

C. standards                                                  D.algorithms

E. controller

30. The main interface in Window and OS X  is a(n) ...... interface.

A. command line                                            B. embedded

C. graphical                                                    D. embedded and neural

E. neural

31. Web servers should be configured so that ......

A. unauthorized access is always possible.                           

B. unauthorized access is restricted

C. any form of access is impossible.                                     

D. unauthorized access is sometimes possible.

E. unauthorized access is unrestricted.

32. Downloadable software extensions that add new features to a browser are known as

A. plug-in                            B. Cookies

C. framers                           D. link

E. spam

33. ....... is defined  as any crime completed through the use of computer technology.

A. Computer forensics        B. Cracking

C. Networking                     D. Digital crashing

E. Computer crime

34. A ....... is a computer connected to two networks.

A. bridge way                       B. server

C. link                                   D. gateway

E. modem

35. Unauthorized access to computers is called .......

A. other than those given as options                                   

B. hacking                          C. blasting                                                                            

D. a worm                           E. a virus

36. A  ........  store (s) data in two-dimensional tables.

A. Hierarchical Database     B. Table Database

C. Relational Database        D. Network and Hierarchical

E. Network Database

37. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known as the crime of ......

A. spoofing                            B. identify theft

C. hacking                             D. personality theft

E. spooling

38. Bookmarks can be organized by using ......

A. containers                         B. folders

C. menus                               D. tables

E. structures

39. What markup language includes all of the features of HTML and programming extensions?

A. Applets                             B. HTTP

C. SML                                  D. XML


40. A table in a relational database terminology is synonymous with .....

A. a value                             B. a row

C. an attribute                      D. a column

E. a relation

41. Metadata does not enable database designers users to.

A. Understand what the data mean

B. know what the fine distinctions are between similar data items.

C. understand what data exist

D. sample data

E. know more about the data

42. Which of the following is true of client-side ex-tensions? They add functionally to the .....

A. network                    B. server

C. browser                    D. firewall

E. firewall and network

43. A(n) ....... is a method that will automatically execute when an object is instantiated.

A. inheritor                    B. destructor

C. parameter                 D. constructor

E. overloaded method

44. An internet diary or grouping of ongoing commentaries is known as a(n).

A. blog                            B. electronic email

C. mail box                     D. cookie

E. plug-in

45. Gain entry to a network pretending to be at a legitimate computer is referred to as

A. ID theft                          B. Network gate crashing

C. spoofing                        D. IP spoofing

E. forging

46. A program that performs a useful task while simultaneously allowing destructive acts is a ......

A. micro virus                    B. virus

C. Trojan horse                 D. worm

E. macro virus

47. When you visit certain Websites spyware may be automatically downloaded. This is called a .........

A. drive by download        B. logic bomb

C. spybot                          D. drive in download

E.  virus

48. The program that allows the OS to work with a printer or a video card is a(n) .......

A. utility                             B. driver

C. applet                           D. contractor

E. system call

49. A Rollback command in a transaction ........

A. undoes the effects of the last UPDATE command.

B. restores the content of the database to its sate at the end of the previous day

C. does nothing.

D. makes sure that all changes to the database are in effect.

50. ...... refers to the contracting of a specific business task to a third-party service provider.

A. Outer sourcing                                                                      

B. Offshore outsourcing

C.  In  Sourcing                                                                         

D. Business process outsourcing

E. Cross functioning


Answer Key