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Dear Banking Aspirant,
IBPS SO Mains Exam will conduct on 28th January - 2018. The exam will be conducted in various slots. IBPS SO (AFO, MKT, IT, LAW & HR) Mains exam will consist of only one section namely; Profession Knowledge and IBPS SO ( RAJBHASA ADHIKARI) Mains exam will consist of two sections namely; Profession Knowledge (Objective) & Profession Knowledge (Descriptive). Total marks allotted for the paper will be 60 in 45 Minutes & 60 Minutes for Rajbhasha Adhikari. Candidates should follow some tips for the IBPS SO Mains Exam. Here we are going to tell you some last-minute tips for IBPS SO 2017.


Last-minute Tips for IBPS SO MAINS:
Following are some tips about “how to manage your time as well as to increase your number of attempts in the last minutes of examination:


1. Reach the Examination center on time: 
Always reach the exam center at a time or before the mentioned time in your admit card. This will help you to calm your brain and will improve your efficiency in the exam otherwise being late in the examination hall will affect your concentration power during exam.


2. Read the Instruction carefully & carry important documents:
Always read the Instructions carefully before one day of the exam and bring your original ID proof, Photo copy of ID proof, Admit card, Passport size photo.

3. Make sure while answering the questions
If you are not sure of any answers, please don’t go by the choices way, because this will decrease the accuracy of your exams. So be clear in your exams.


4.  See every question:  
When you see every question in the examination you will find the easy and simple questions that can be your saviour in the exam so don’t just get engrossed in the difficult ones. Read the instructions carefully and attempt simple or easy level questions to gain more marks and try to solve difficult questions at last.

5. Don’t let the phobia of difficulty level:
Don’t let the phobia of difficulty level, which will hamper your exam score. If the exam turns out to be difficult, it will be difficult for everyone and if it turns out to be easy, it will be easy for everyone, which will also affect the cutoff of the belonging examination. So, stop worrying about the difficulty level of the exam. 


6. Don’t study too much in the last few days

It is important to have a fresh mind to perform well in the exam. Don't study too much during these last few days. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep before the exam day.


7. Don’t get confused at the last moment:
Generally, students get confused at the last moment, and they can’t focus on the exam.  The candidates always do maximum mistakes at the last moment and want to attempt more questions. So always keep calm and get focused on the examination till end.

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