Strategy to Crack Reasoning section in IBPS Clerk 2019


Strategy to Crack Reasoning section In IBPS Clerk 2019

How to Crack Reasoning section in IBPS CLERK?

The reasoning section can easily help you to grab the competitive exams not only in IBPS CLERK but also in other competitive exams. You can either score heavily or waste a lot of time and score less. This section rewards your hard-work and training. The more you have prepared, the better you score.
Today we have tried our best to bring the answers to all their worries along with their solutions. The readers are requested to please read this article thoroughly and find the secrets of How to Crack IBPS without coaching? We hope that this article will help you in some way.

Important things to remember:

1.    Solve practice test or mock test and also previous year question papers.
2.    Increase your solving capacity in less time.
3.    Focus on those topics out of which more questions come.
4.    Review your exam after submission. Analyze wrong attempted questions and skipped questions also. Try to solve those questions and find your mistake, also understand the concepts of skipped questions.
5. Also, go through those topics in which you are weaker.
6.    Firstly attempt those questions which can be easily solved in less time, so that you can save time for the remaining typical questions.

Some other tips to crack the examination:

1. The topic-wise breakup of Reasoning Section in IBPS Clerk Exam -:
The total number of questions from this section is 35.
Topic No. of Questions
Puzzles 5-10
Sitting Arrangement 5-10
Syllogism 5
Coding-decoding 3-4
Inequality 5
Blood Relation 2
Direction Sense 2
Miscellaneous 5

Note: This topic wise break up is made through our internal analysis. This break up is only to give you an idea of the pattern of the original exam and how can you utilize your time more efficiently.
2. If you are good in this section, you can allocate 20 minutes to attempt it. This gives you 35 seconds per question if you want to attempt all the questions. Remember attempting all questions may decrease your accuracy and result in fewer marks. So before giving exam, check the list of topics in this section, identify the least time-consuming topics based on your strengths and attempt them first.
Categorization –:
 It will help you prioritize questions based on your skills and the time consumed in solving each category. Reasoning questions in IBPS Clerk can be divided into three categories.
Easy and less time-consuming Question -:
Irrespective of whether your reasoning abilities are strong or weak, these questions should be your first target. They are fairly easy to attempt, take less time and have higher accuracy.

These questions fall into the following topics:

  • Direction Sense Questions
  • Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test
  • Alphabet test/ Dictionary
5. Medium Difficulty Level Questions -:
This is the second category of questions in the reasoning section. You can expect around 15-17 questions from it.
  • Syllogisms
  • Inequalities
  • Blood Relations
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Data Sufficiency

6. Time Consuming Complex Questions -:  

IBPS Clerk will have around 2-3 sets of these questions and every set will contain 4-5 Questions.
  • Seating Arrangement
  • Complex Puzzle
  • Floor Puzzle

7.    What to do in the few days before the Exam?

  • Start solving last year's questions of IBPS Clerk. Use the above categorization to identify your weak and strong sections. Focus on mastering the first two categories as you can surely score 20+ just by solving questions from them.
  • If the reasoning is your weakest link, just aim to clear the sectional cut-offs by practicing the first category question thoroughly and choosing those questions from the second category in which you are comfortable and can solve accurately. Attempt 17 + questions and with good accuracy to clear sectional cut-offs.

Wishing You All the best for your exam
Regards:- Team IBT

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