IBPS Clerk Vs SBI Clerk - A Comparative Analysis of Both


IBPS Clerk V/s SBI Clerk - A Comparative Analysis of Both

The aspirants of government jobs (primarily clerk career option and PO career option) in India are trying their level best to get jobs in banking sectors these days. The jobs for banking sector have seen a rising trend due to the benefits and advantages one experiences after joining the public sector bank. Some years ago, each public sector bank in India had to plan the recruitment by organizing the process of selecting the candidates separately by themselves. But with the changing times, the things have changed to a large extent because the IBPS conduct entire recruitment process on behalf of banks to fill the required vacancies.

Many times the candidates are not aware of the fact that the perquisites and benefits of the IBPS Clerk and SBI Clerk are different. Every bank provides the benefits to their employees according to the set rules and norms.
There are approximately 20 banks which fall under the category of Institute of Personal Banking Selection. All these banks provide salaries, allowances, perquisites, and benefits to their employees according to the rules that are set by the institute.

SBI being an independent bank has its own rules and conditions on the bases of which it provides salary to the people who are employed with the bank. The IBPS Clerk vs SBI Clerk aims to provide aspirants with all the required information for opting for the Bank Clerk as Career Option.


Responsibilities and Duties of an SBI and IBPS Clerk:

A Clerk Career in Banks is one of the most sought after careers in the banking industry in India. The duties, roles and responsibilities of clerks irrespective of SBI and IBPS clerks are primarily the same. Clerks assist the regular customers with different processes in the banks. The clerks should be very confident because they have to directly interact with the customers. They should have adequate knowledge of the different policies and procedures of the banks so they are able to answer the queries of the customers. Following are the duties that are performed by the IBPS and SBI Clerks.

1. Verification of documents:

The clerks have to cross check each and every document of the customer that is required for any procedure.

2. Single window counter:

The clerks have to handle all the responsibilities at the single window counter like issuing the cheque book and the passbook, providing the account information to the customers and many more.

3. Government treasury works:

The clerk has to know every task related to the government treasury of the banks.

4. Pass Books:

The clerk has to update the pass books of the customers for them to know about their bank account balance.

5. Cash receipts:

The clerk has to issue the cash receipts at the different counters of the banks.

6. Work regarding cheques:

The clerk of the bank has to clear the cheques of the customers, transfer the cheques and issue receipts regarding the same as per the request of the customer.

7. Verify the local signatures:

The clerk has to double check the signatures especially of the customers who sign in their local language so that there is no case which leads to the customer losing his hard earned money.

B. Major Differences

The following table shows the major difference between the IBPS clerk and an SBI clerk.

The IBPS clerks should join the banks in the given time duration after which the banks would provide them training on the work they would be required to perform. At the initial stage, the SBI clerks are assigned the position of junior associates.
After working for five years in a branch the clerk can be transferred to any other branch but in the same city. Only after working for five years, the SBI clerk can be transferred after clearing the recruitment exam.
The IBPS clerk is promoted once he completes the probation period of 2 years. For the SBI clerk, 1st promotion is done after completing 2 or 3 years.
The pressure of work of IBPS clerks is less as they are given work according to the time they have during the day. The pressure of the SBI clerks is comparatively more and it is challenging because SBI is one of the largest banks of India hence,they have to work more to complete the daily targets.


C. Selection Criteria

The table below explains the selection criteria of the IBPS clerk and SBI clerk.

Factors For Recruitments IBPS Clerk SBI Clerk
Procedure for Selection The candidate is selected after he clears the prelims, mains exams, and the LPT also. The candidate is selected after he clears the prelims, mains exams, and the LPT also.
Pattern of the Exam The preliminary exam of both the clerk is the same. But the main exam has 4 sections of English, Gk, reasoning and Maths aptitude. The test is 160 minutes. The preliminary exam of both the clerk is the same. But the main exam has 4 sections of English, Gk, reasoning & computer knowledge and Maths aptitude. The test is 160 minutes.


D.Salary and other Benefits

Factors SBI Clerk (INR) IBPS Clerk (INR)
Basic Pay 11765 (After additional two increments so your basic will be 13075) 11,765 
Special Allowance 911.79 911.79
Dearness Allowances  51.2% of Basic Pay 51.2% of Basic Pay
City Compensatory Allowance  0 0
House Rent Allowance  800-1176 1058 – 1176
Transport Allowance  depends on the posting location 425
Salary (In Hand) 20000-25000 (On the basis of posting location) 18000-23000(On the basis of posting location)

E. Career growth and Promotion

We have listed the Career growth and Promotion procedure of both the profiles in the table below -

SBI Clerk
IBPS Clerk
  • The candidates for the post of Junior Associates/Clerk will have to serve a minimum probation period of 6 months.
  • On satisfactory performance in 6 months, candidates will be given the post of Junior Associate/Clerk
  • After completing 2 to 3 years in SBI, the first promotion in SBI can be made.
  • An SBI Clerk gets promoted in two ways which are  – ‘In-Cadre Promotions & Officer Cadre Promotions’.
  • In cadre, Promotion is done on the basis of years of service completion.
  • A person who has completed 10 years as SBI Clerk will be promoted to the post of senior assistant. 
  • A person who has completed 20 years as SBI Clerk will be promoted to the post of special assistant. 
  • A person who has completed 30 years as SBI Clerk will be promoted to the post of senior special assistant. 
  • Officer Cadre Promotions are done on the basis of written exam and Interview which are conducted in SBI itself.
  • A clerk can become a trainee Officer after successfully completing 3 years of service and on qualifying written exam and Interview.
  • An SBI Clerk is eligible to become a Junior Manager Grade Scale (JMGS-I) officer, after clearing a written test & Interview when he/she completes the service period of 6 years.
  • The candidates selected as IBPS Clerk have to complete a probation period of 6 months.
  • After completing the probation period, an IBPS Clerk becomes eligible to get promotions.
  • The first way to get a promotion is to appear and qualify the written test which is conducted inter banks. For this, No JAIIB & CAIIB Diploma is applicable.
  • After qualifying this written test, a clerk can be promoted to the position of Trainee Officer in Bank.
  • The second way of getting the promotion is based on the JAIIB, CAIIB qualification, as well as Graduation/Post Graduation. On satisfying these, an IBPS Clerk can be promoted to the position of Trainee Officer/Probationary


F. Work Pressure

Although the work responsibilities of an SBI clerk and an IBPS Clerk are same. The work pressure differs as following-

SBI Clerk
IBPS Clerk
  • Being the largest bank in the country work pressure is more in State Bank of India as compared to other public sector banks.
  • SBI Branch offices remain occupied almost every time so the work pressure of an SBI Clerk is very much irrespective of the posting location.
  • An IBPS Clerk has less work pressure as compared to an IBPS Clerk.
  • Depending on the location of posting, the work pressure may increase but still, PSB Offers far more relaxing job as compared to SBI.

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