LIC ADO Mains Exam Analysis 2019


Here is the complete exam analysis and review of  LIC ADO Mains Exam Analysis 2019 

LIC ADO Mains Exam: Overall Analysis

Reasoning Ability & Numerical Ability 41 - 46
General Knowledge, Current Affairs and English Language 39 - 43
Insurance and Financial Marketing Awareness 37 - 41
TOTAL 123 - 130

Reasoning Ability & Numerical Ability : (Easy- Moderate)
In this Section Reasoning and Numerical Ability are in one section. This section had 50 questions.
There are Box based Puzzle - 6 boxes & no. of fruits, Day based Puzzle - Mon-Sat, 6 Persons, 6 cities, Circular Seating Arrangement - 7 people, different places, Linear Seating Arrangement with Blood Relation - 6-7 people facing north. In the Numerical Ability section there were around 18-20 questions from Numerical ability. There were a total of 2 sets of Data Interpretation and Analysis of the following types: Pie Chart, Tabular DI

Topic No. of Questions Level
Puzzles & Seating Arrangement 20 Easy-Moderate
Direction Sence 3 Easy
Inequality 4 Easy
Syllogism 3 Easy
Alphabet Based 1 Easy
Data Interpretation 10 Easy-Moderate
Approximation 5 Easy
SI & CI 1 Easy
Profit & Loss 1 Easy-Moderate
Percentage 1 Easy
Problem on Ages 1 Easy
Total 50 Easy - Moderate


General Knowledge, Current Affairs and English Language:(Easy- Moderate)

There were total 50 questions, 25 were asked from English Language and 25 were asked from General Knowledge and Current Affairs. The difficulty level of section was Easy to Moderate. In English language, only one Reading Comprehension was asked on electronic vehicles. From General Awareness and Current Affairs, questions were asked on Capitals, Cabinet Ministers and others.

Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 5 Moderate
Phrase Replacement 4 Easy
Error Detection 5 Easy-Moderate
Identifying the inappropriate word  4 Easy
Sentence Completion (column-based format) 5 Easy-Moderate
Word Usage  3 Easy
Cloze Test 5 Easy
Current Affairs 15 Easy
Banking Awareness 2 Easy
Static Awareness 2 Easy
Total 50 Easy-Moderate

Insurance and Financial Marketing Awareness: (Moderate)

The level of this section was Moderate compared to the other two sections in this examination. The questions were less lengthy and confusing. Some topics of Financial Awareness from which questions were asked in this exam are ULIP, LIC Act, Policy & Maturity Period, LIC Ombudsman & Term Insurance.

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