IBPS has declared the result of IBPS PO Prelims, we congratulate all the students who have cleared the prelims phase and it’s very precious time for the students preparing for IBPS PO main exam which is going to be held on 26th November 2017.

Note: From this year the IBPS PO mains exam will consists of a descriptive writing section.

The descriptive test is only qualifying in nature, so you don’t need to deal with stress of maximizing the scores. The test would be conducted online, i.e. the candidates will have to type their answers through the keyboard. The test will consist of mainly two sections:

1. Essay writing

2. Letter writing

Pattern for descriptive writing test for IBPS PO:

Name of test No. of Questions Max. Marks Medium of Examination Time Allotted
English Language (Letter Writing & Essay)





Now we will discuss about some important tips for both sections- essay writing and letter writing.

1. How to prepare for essay writing for IBPS PO mains descriptive test:

Essay writing is all about your writing skills and how well you present your thoughts on a particular topic. This section also includes your knowledge on a particular topic and You also require imagination skills to score higher in this section.

Some important Tips for essay writing:

A. Read newspaper everyday:

Candidates should read one standard news paper daily to improve their English and vocabulary. It will take time and they have to focus and concentrate on the news.

“The Hindu” is the most loving newspaper by question paper setters. Don’t spend the whole day in reading but read its business and editorial section for preparation of descriptive writing test, which makes you comfortable to their writing style which is really difficult to understand for new one and also improve your writing skills.

B. Vocabulary improvement:

To improve your vocabulary, learn some new words daily and try to practice in the daily use. Newspaper reading also improves your vocabulary and also read different preparation books to improve their English section as well as your writing skills.

C. Write at least one article daily:

Try to write at least one article everyday in your own words on any current topic from the newspaper or trending topics.

D. Read instructions carefully:

Make sure that you go through the instructions given in the question as well as the word limit properly before you begin your essay.

E. Perfection in grammar:

Candidates should have good command on grammar to write an essay. Make sure that your essay is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. So start to learn the basic grammar skills.

F. Avoidance of sentences repetition:

Always try to avoid the repetition of sentences in your essay because this may impact the bad impression of your writing skills.

G. Partition of the essay:

Try to divide your essay into at least 3-4 paragraphs.

(a) The first paragraph should be the introduction part where you go for general discussion about the topic.

(b) The body of the essay should be divided into at least 2 paragraphs.

(c) The last paragraph should be the conclusion.

2. How to prepare for letter writing for IBPS PO mains descriptive test:

Letter writing section is only conduced to check the communication skills of the candidates with the other to whom the letter is addressed. To prepare for this section you should be aware about the types of letters as well as the formatting of the letters:

Formal letter: These letters are usually written in cases of professional relationship, where you need to address any government/ bank/ academic/ other field related official or any other dignitary.

Informal letter: These types of letters are often addressed to your near and dear ones, for instance, your family members, friends, relatives etc. This type of letters is also called personal letters.

Some important Tips for letter writing:

1. Make sure that your content is left aligned while writing.

2. Ensure proper spacing between salutations, date, subject, addresses etc.

3. Do not miss out the salutation or the greeting. You should always begin your letter with it.

4. For formal letters, you can go for Respected Sir/ Madam or simply Sir/ Madam. In case of formal letters, informal greetings such as Dear or Hello can be used.

5. In the introductory paragraph of your letter, try to give the prime reason for writing the letter and then start with the main body of the letter.

6. Make sure that you give the conclusion of the letter in a separate paragraph.

7. While concluding formal letters, you can go for ‘Your faithfully/ sincerely’ etc or ‘Sincerely Yours’.

8. Make sure that you do not write your name in the letter. Try to prefer ABC or XYZ wherever required, unless specifically asked in the exam.

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