IBPS Instructions for Social Distancing to conduct online exam


IBPS Instructions for Social Distancing Mode conduct of Exam in 2020

1. The candidate is required to report at the exam venue strictly as per the time slot mentioned in the admit card.

2. It is expected that candidate strictly adhere to this time slot – as entry into the exam venue will be provided based upon the individual’s time slot only. Candidates should report at least 15 minutes before the reporting time indicated on the Call Letter.

3. Mapping of ‘Candidate Roll Number and the Lab Number’ will NOT be displayed outside the exam venue, but the same will be intimated to the candidates individually at the time of the entry of the candidate to the exam venue and post their Admit Card/ Call Letter and ID verification.

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Items permitted into the venue for Candidates

Candidates will be permitted to carry only certain items with them into the venue.

  • Gloves
  • Personal transparent water bottled.
  • Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
  • A simple pen
  • Exam related documents (Call Letter/Admit Card, ID card in Original, Photocopy of ID Card, etc)
  • Call Letter/Admit Card should be brought with the Photocopy of the Photo ID stapled with it.
  • Original ID (same as Photocopy) is also to be brought for verification. The name on the ID and on the Call Letter/Admit Card should be exactly the same.
  • In the case of Scribe Candidates – Scribe form duly filled and signed with Photograph affixed.
  • No other items are permitted inside the venue.

4. Candidate should not share any of their personal belonging/material with anyone

5. Candidate should maintain a safe social distance with one another.

6. The candidate should stand in the row as per the instructions provided at the venue.

7. If a candidate is availing the scribe, then scribe also should bring their own Gloves, N95 Mask, sanitizer (50ml), and water bottle. Wearing a mask is compulsory. Both candidates and Scribe will require to be wearing N95 Mask.

8. A Candidate must have Aarogya Setu App installed on his mobile phone. The Aarogya Setu status must show the candidate’s risk factor. A candidate will have to display this status to the Security Guard at the entry into the exam venue. In case a candidate does not have a smartphone, he/she will have to bring in a signed declaration to this effect and show the same to the Security Guard at the entry into the exam venue. Candidates with Moderate or High-Risk Status on Aarogya Setu will not be allowed entry. In case any of the responses in declaration suggest COVID 19 infection/symptoms, the candidate will not be permitted inside the exam venue.

9. After Aarogya Setu status display at the entry gate, candidates will be required to switch off their mobile phones, and deposit it at the designated location, to be collected while exiting

10. All candidates will be checked with Thermo guns at the entry point for temperature. In case, any person is observed to be having above-normal temperature (> 99.14° F) or displaying any symptoms of the virus, they will not be allowed entry into the venue

11. Candidate registration: a. Candidate registration will be done through photo capture. b. Photographs will be taken while the candidate is standing. c. A seat number will be given to the candidate.

12. Rough sheet, call letter and ID proof management

  • Rough sheet(s) kept at each candidate desk will be used by the candidate. No additional sheets will be provided during the exam.
  • Candidate must follow the instructions related to dropping the call letter with the ID proof copy in the boxes provided at the exit of the lab/venue while leaving or at the designated place. Those candidates who avail the services of Scribe should submit Scribe form also along with the Call Letter and ID proof copy
  • Candidate must drop the rough sheets in the boxes provided at the exit of the lab/venue while leaving. The dropbox for the rough sheets will be different from that of Call Letterbox. Specific instructions will be displayed at the Venue.
  • On completion of a shift, the candidates should move out in an orderly manner without crowding as instructed by the venue staff. 

(Some more instructions related to the exam may be added or modified depending on the situation during the scheduled date of exam)

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