Vocabulary - Exceptional English Words With Meanings : 30 September 2022


Exceptional words of English vocabulary from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ are listed here. Go through these words and read the usages to learn how to use them in sentences. After this, take the quiz based on the vocabulary to check how much you learnt. This will really help you boost up your learning.
Happy learning!!!
1. DELIRIOUS (adj.) : भ्रांतचित्त
Pronunciation: duh·leeuh·ree·uhs
Meaning: in an acutely disturbed state of mind resulting from illness or intoxication and characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence of thought and speech.
Synonyms: incoherent, raving, babbling
Antonyms: relaxed, calm, peaceful
Sentence: He’s so delirious he doesn’t know where he is.
2. SUCCINCTLY (adv.) : संक्षेप
Pronunciation: suhk·singkt·lee
Meaning: in a brief and clearly expressed manner.
Synonyms: briefly, compactly, concisely
Antonyms: diffusely, long-windedly, verbosely
Sentence: He succinctly summed up his manifesto as “Work hard, train hard and play hard”.
3. BALDERDASH (noun) : बकवास
Pronunciation: bawl·duh·dash
Meaning: senseless talk or writing; nonsense.
Synonyms: nonsense, gibberish, claptrap
Antonyms: sensibleness, discernment
Sentence: Every word that came out of the drunk man’s mouth was balderdash.
4. FREIGHT (noun) : परिवहन
Pronunciation: frayt
Meaning: goods transported in bulk by truck, train, ship, or aircraft.
Synonyms: cargo, consignment, haul
Antonyms: alleviate, ease, lighten, relieve
Sentence: France derives 16% of revenue from air freight.
5. TRANSMOGRIFY (verb) : परिणत हो जाना
Pronunciation: tranz·maw·gruh·fai
Meaning: transform in a surprising or magical manner.
Synonyms: redesign, transfigure, transform
     Antonyms: increase, keep, leave alone, preserve.
Sentence: The cucumbers were ultimately transmogrified into pickles.
6. JETTISON (verb) : बोझ गिराना
Pronunciation: jeh·tuh·sn
Meaning: throw or drop (something) from an aircraft or ship.
Synonyms: discarding, disposal, dumping
Antonyms: accumulation, gathering
Sentence: Six aircraft jettisoned their loads in the sea.
7. GRISLY (adj.) : भयानक
Pronunciation: griz·lee
Meaning: causing horror or disgust.
Synonyms: gruesome, ghastly, frightful
Antonyms: comforting, soothing, pleasurable
Sentence: The 55-year-old Canadian had suffered a grisly death.
8. SERENITY (noun) : शांति
Pronunciation: suh·reh·nuh·tee
Meaning: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
Synonyms: calmness, tranquillity, peacefulness
Antonyms: bustle, tumult, turmoil
Sentence: Her face had an expression of absolute serenity.
9. CONSCIENTIOUS (adj.) : ईमानदार
Pronunciation: kuhn·sen·shee·uhs
Meaning: (of a person) wishing to do what is right, especially to do one’s work or duty well and thoroughly.
Synonyms: diligent, industrious, punctilious
Antonyms: cutthroat, dishonest, dishonorable
Sentence: We are generally very conscientious about our work.
10. LUGUBRIOUS (adj.) : शोकाकुल
Pronunciation: luh·goo·bree·uhs
Meaning: looking or sounding sad and dismal.
Synonyms: mournful, gloomy, sad
Antonyms: delighted, exulting, glorying
Sentence: His face looked even more lugubrious than usual.
Now choose any 2 or 3 words, try to use them in your own sentences and share your sentences in the comment section. This will help you to retain the learnt words for a longer duration.
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