Vocabulary - Exceptional English Words With Meanings : 28 June 2022


Exceptional words of English vocabulary from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ are listed here. Go through these words and read the usages to learn how to use them in sentences. After this, take the quiz based on the vocabulary to check how much you learnt. This will really help you boost up your learning.
Happy learning!!!
1. SEVER (verb) : अलग करना
Pronunciation: seh·vuh
Meaning: divide by cutting or slicing, especially suddenly and forcibly.
Synonyms: cut off, chop off, lop off
Antonyms: join, link, unite
Sentence: She wanted to sever all her connections with the firm.
2. FINESSE (noun) : चालाकी
Pronunciation: fuh·nes
Meaning: intricate and refined delicacy.
Synonyms: skill, subtlety, expertise
Antonyms: inadequacy, incompetence, ineptitude
Sentence: He is a true believer, but sadly lacks finesse.
3. OSTENTATIOUS (adj.) : दिखावटी
Pronunciation: aw·sten·tay·shuhs
Meaning: characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice.
Synonyms: showy, pretentious, obtrusive
Antonyms: quiet, understated, unflamboyant
Sentence: Actually, he has a lot of debt, he is just living an ostentatious life.
4. POIGNANCY (noun) : मार्मिकता
Pronunciation: poy·nyuhn·see
Meaning: the quality of evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret.
Synonyms: pathos, sadness, pitifulness
Antonyms: mildness, softness
Sentence: The film contains moments of almost unbearable poignancy.
5. DEFT (adj.) : निपुण
Pronunciation: deft
Meaning: accomplished with a trained ability
Synonyms: adroit, artful, dexterous
Antonyms: amateur, unprofessional, unskillful
Sentence: He’s very deft at handling awkward situations.
6. TOTTER (verb) : लड़खड़ाते हुए चलना
Pronunciation: taw·tuh
Meaning: move in a feeble or unsteady way.
Synonyms: teeter, walk unsteadily, stagger
Antonyms: calm, continue, correct
Sentence: The drunkard tottered to the door.
7. EXTRANEOUS (adj.) : बाहरी
Pronunciation: uhk·stray·nee·uhs
Meaning: irrelevant or unrelated to the subject being dealt with.
Synonyms: irrelevant, immaterial, beside the point
Antonyms: applicable, apposite, apropos
Sentence: We shall ignore factors extraneous to the problem.
8. UNREMITTING (adj.) : निरंतर
Pronunciation: uhn·ruh·mit·uhng
Meaning: never relaxing or slackening; incessant.
Synonyms: relentless, unrelenting, continual
Antonyms: discontinuous, noncontinuous, periodic
Sentence: The group faced unremitting hostility from the FBI.
9. APPOSITE (adj.) : उचित
Pronunciation: a·puh·zuht
Meaning: apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.
Synonyms: appropriate, suitable, relevant
Antonyms: extraneous, immaterial, impertinent
Sentence: I found his speech wholly apposite to the current debate.
10. MORATORIUM (noun) : रोक
Pronunciation: maw·ruh·taw·ree·uhm
Meaning: a temporary prohibition of an activity.
Synonyms: stop, ban
Antonyms: continuance, continuation
Sentence: The debt was to be subject to a five-year moratorium.
Now choose any 2 or 3 words, try to use them in your own sentences and share your sentences in the comment section. This will help you to retain the learnt words for a longer duration.
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