Vocabulary - Exceptional English Words With Meanings : 25 January 2021


Exceptional words of English vocabulary from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ are listed here. Go through these words and read the usages to learn how to use them in sentences. After this, take the quiz based on the vocabulary to check how much you learnt. This will really help you boost up your learning. 
Happy learning!!!
1.COMBATANT (noun) योद्धा
Pronunciation: kom·buh·tnt
Meaning: engaging in or ready for combat
Synonyms: fighter, soldier, warrior, trooper, battler
Antonyms: civilian, pacifist, citizen
Usage: His strong patriotism drove John to run away and become the youngest combatant on the battlefield.  
2.BLOATED (adjective) फूला हुआ
Pronunciation: blow·tuhd
Meaning: swollen with fluid or gas
Synonyms: swollen, blown up, distended, inflated, enlarged, expanded, dilated
Antonyms: shrink, contract, deflated
Usage: I feel really bloated after that meal.
3.TRIUMPHANT (adjective) विजयी
Pronunciation: trai·uhm·fnt
Meaning: having won a battle or contest
Synonyms: victorious, successful, winning, prize-winning, conquering, undefeated, unbeaten
Antonyms: unsuccessful, defeated, losing
Usage: A triumphant smile appeared on his face.
4.RISIBLE (adjective) हास्योन्मुख
Pronunciation: ri·zuh·bl
Meaning: provoking laughter through being ludicrous
Synonyms: laughable, ridiculous, absurd, comical, comic, amusing, funny
Antonyms: serious, solemn
Usage: The idea that any music scene could exist here seems risible.
5.EFFICACIOUS (adjective) प्रभावी
Pronunciation: eh·fuh·kei·shuhs
Meaning: having the power to produce a desired effect
Synonyms: efficient, productive, effective, capable, influential
Antonyms: incapable, unproductive, weak
Usage: Everyone knows the most efficacious way to lose weight is by reducing caloric intake.
6.INCONCLUSIVE (adjective) अनिर्णायात्मक
Pronunciation: in·kuhn·kloo·suhv
Meaning: not leading to a firm conclusion or result
Synonyms: indecisive, indefinite, indeterminate, undetermined, unresolved, unproved, unsettled
Antonyms: conclusive, definitive, certain
Usage: The medical tests were inconclusive, and will need to be repeated.
7.INCONGRUOUS (adjective) बेमेल
Pronunciation: uhn·kong·groo·uhs
Meaning: not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something
Synonyms: inappropriate, unsuitable, unsuited, discordant, dissonant, conflicting,
Antonyms: appropriate, harmonious, fitting
Usage: I do not believe your story because the statement you gave yesterday is incongruous to the witness's statement.         
8.GARRALOUS (adjective) वाचालता
Pronunciation: guh·roo·luh·tee
Meaning: excessively talkative, especially on trivial matters
Synonyms: talkative, loquacious, voluble, verbose, chatty, chattering, gossipy
Antonyms: taciturn, reticent
Usage: Because Jake is garrulous, asking him to keep a secret is impossible.
9.IRE (noun) क्रोध
Pronunciation: ai·uh
Meaning: hostility triggered by a grievance or insult
Synonyms: anger, rage, fury, wrath, outrage, temper, spleen, annoyance
Antonyms: delight, pleasure
Usage: The doctor’s rude behavior triggered the patient’s ire.
10.TORPID (adjective)सुस्त
Pronunciation: taw·puhd
Meaning: mentally or physically inactive
Synonyms: lethargic, sluggish, lazy, inert, inactive, slow, lifeless
Antonyms: energetic, active
Usage: My torpid brother rests on the couch all day. 
Now choose any 2 or 3 words, try to use them in your own sentences and share your sentences in the comment section. This will help you to retain the learnt words for a longer duration.   
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