Vocabulary - Exceptional English Words With Meanings : 20 January 2021


Exceptional words of English vocabulary from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ are listed here. Go through these words and read the usages to learn how to use them in sentences. After this, take the quiz based on the vocabulary to check how much you learnt. This will really help you boost up your learning. 
Happy learning!!!   
1.LAX (adjective) - ढीला, नर्म
Pronunciation: laks
Meaning: relaxed and not strict
Synonyms: lenient, careless, slack, remiss, careless, inattentive, soft
Antonyms: stern, careful, severe
Usage:The lax security at the event allowed people to just slip in and out unnoticed.
2.PARTAKER (noun) - प्रतिभागी
Pronunciation: paa·tei·kuh
Meaning: a person who joins in or takes part in an activity
Synonyms: participant, contributor, entrant, competitor, contender
Antonyms: fan, spectator, onlooker
Usage: To be a partaker of the Olympic games, one must qualify for an event first.
3.DRIFT (verb) बहना
Pronunciation: drift
Meaning: be carried slowly by a current of air or water
Synonyms: amble, float, flow, hover, meander
Antonyms: stay, stop, cease
Usage: Being carried on the wind, the rogue leaf could do nothing but drift from its forest and into the city.
4.AMBITION (noun) – महत्वाकांक्षा
Pronunciation: am·bi·shn
Meaning: a strong desire to do or achieve something
Synonyms: aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, purpose, intent
Antonyms: inactivity, pessimism, dislike
Usage: William emphasized that success is more determined upon ambition and perseverance than by education and background.
5.SPLIT (verb) – विभाजित करना
Pronunciation: split
Meaning: divide into parts
Synonyms: divide, share, slice, distribute, partition
Antonyms: combine, unite, join
Usage: Let us split the cost right down the middle.
6.BACKLOG (noun) ढेर, जमाव
Pronunciation: bak·log
Meaning: an accumulation of jobs not done or materials not processed
Synonyms: accumulation, stockpile, heap, excess, hoard, reservoir
Antonyms: lack, need, deficiency
Usage: A huge backlog of work had built up.
7.PASSION (noun) जुनून
Pronunciation: pa·shn
Meaning: an intense liking and desire for something
Synonyms: enthusiasm, fascination, drive, obsession, craze
Antonyms: indifference, hatred, calmness
Usage: Where passion is high, reason is low.
8.DISTINCTIVE (adjective) – विशेष
Pronunciation: duh·stingk·tuhv
Meaning: specifying as unique, special or characteristic
Synonyms: distinguishing, characteristic, peculiar, unique, exclusive, special, particular
Antonyms: common, normal, ordinary
Usage: His distinctive voice was so low and soothing that the documentary producers knew that he would be their next film’s narrator.
9.HONE (verb) पैना करना
Pronunciation: hown
Meaning: to perfect a talent or skill
Synonyms: sharpen, whet, strop, grind, file, edge, acuminate
Antonyms: blunt
Usage: Once you hone your communication skills, you will see the results.
10.FACILE (adjective) आसान
Pronunciation: fa·sail
Meaning: ignoring the true complexities of an issue
Synonyms: simplistic, superficial, oversimplified, schematic, shallow, pat
Antonyms: arduous, complicated, difficult
Usage: The recipe is so facile that even a young child can make the dish.
Now choose any 2 or 3 words, try to use them in your own sentences and share your sentences in the comment section. This will help you to retain the learnt words for a longer duration.   
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