Vocabulary - Exceptional English Words With Meanings : 19 June 2021


Exceptional words of English vocabulary from the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ are listed here. Go through these words and read the usages to learn how to use them in sentences. After this, take the quiz based on the vocabulary to check how much you learnt. This will really help you boost up your learning. 
Happy learning!!!
1.CANDID (adjective) खरा, सच्चा
Pronunciation: kan·duhd
Meaning: truthful and straightforward
Synonyms: frank, outspoken, forthright, blunt, open, honest, truthful
Antonyms: secretive, guarded, insincere
Usage: The book reviewer had no trouble giving his candid review of the awful novel.    
2.GRANDILOQUENT (adjective) शब्दाडंबरपूर्ण
Pronunciation: gran·di·luh·kwnt
Meaning: pompous or extravagant in language, style or manner
Synonyms: pompous, bombastic, magniloquent, pretentious, ostentatious, rhetorical, orotund
Antonyms: unpretentious, concise
Usage: Jack’s use of grandiloquent terminology failed to impress the job interviewer.
3.PASSE (adjective) अप्रचलित
Pronunciation: paas
Meaning: no longer fashionable
Synonyms: outdated, unfashionable, old-fashioned, archaic, obsolete
Antonyms: fashionable, current, modern
Usage: Her ideas on food are distinctly passe.
4.SUSCEPTIBILITY (noun) संवेदनशीलता
Pronunciation: suh·sep·tuh·bi·luh·tee
Meaning: being likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing
Synonyms: vulnerability, sensitivity, openness, liability, proneness, weakness
Antonyms: insensitivity, immunity, resistance
Usage: The infant’s susceptibility to illness caused her to become sick very easily.
5.ASKANCE (adverb) संदेहात्मक दृष्टि से
Pronunciation: uh·skaans
Meaning: with an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval
Synonyms: suspiciously, skeptically, cynically, dubiously, contemptuously
Antonym: approvingly
Usage: As the police officer listened to the woman’s crazy story, he could not help but look askance at her.  
6.DISPENSABLE (adjective) – नगण्य
Pronunciation: duh·spen·suh·bl
Meaning: able to be replaced or done without
Synonyms: disposable, replaceable, inessential, unessential, unnecessary
Antonyms: indispensable, essential, crucial
Usage: Delete what is dispensable and give more prominence to the essentials.
7.ALIGHT (verb) – उतरना
Pronunciation: uh·lait
Meaning: descend from a train, bus, or other form of transport
Synonyms: get off, dismount, disembark, descend, exit
Antonym: board
Usage: It was nice of my daughter to help the elderly man alight from the bus.        
8.WIRY (adjective) बलवान
Pronunciation: wai·uh·ree
Meaning: lean, tough, and sinewy
Synonyms: sinewy, strong, tough, athletic, lean, spare
Antonyms: frail, flabby
Usage: The man’s lean and wiry body type made him stand out from the rest of the actors at the audition.
9.LOUTISH (adjective) – बेअदब
Pronunciation: law·tuhsh
Meaning: uncouth and aggressive
Synonyms: uncouth, rude, impolite, unmannerly, coarse, thuggish, boorish
Antonym: polite
Usage: He was not as loutish as his manner suggested.
10.ZENITH (noun) शीर्षबिंदु
Pronunciation: zeh·nuhth
Meaning: the time at which something is most powerful or successful
Synonyms: height, top, peak, acme, pinnacle, apex, apogee
Antonyms: nadir, bottom, base
Usage: The singer reached her zenith when she sold over twelve million records in 2013.
Now choose any 2 or 3 words, try to use them in your own sentences and share your sentences in the comment section. This will help you to retain the learnt words for a longer duration.
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