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Questions based on Fillers for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam 2018 - Set 21

Students, we know that SBI Clerk Prelims examination is about to held in March –April, and we all are preparing for it and want to score maximum marks in it. English is one of the scoring sections and in this article we are providing you some questions from Fillers; which is an important topic and will help you to score good marks in the examination.

Questions (1-10): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 1. On being asked for the passport, he _____ to his dismay that he had _____ to bring it along with him to the airport.

(a) Shocked, failed                                     (b) Pleaded, neglected

(c) Realized, forgotten                               (d) Understood, lost

(e) Recognized, missed      

Question 2.The Indian political class is not known for _____ in serious writing, even ______.

(a) Engaged, singing                                 (b) Involved, playing

(c) Escaping, reading                                (d) Engaging, reading

(e) Estranged, read       

Question 3. _____ his parents moved to another city, he _____ to stay in this city.

(a) Despite, still                                        (b) Though, continues

(c) In spite of, wants                                 (d) No sooner, waits

(e) Later, remains             

Question 4. She would prefer _____ travel early rather _____ during peak hours.

(a) To, than                                               (b) For, to

(c) Not, if                                                  (d) At, about

(e) In. so                       

Question 5. Survival of mankind _____ is in danger due to _____ of atomic weapons.

(a) Himself, perpetuation                         (b) Self, invention

(c) Itself, proliferation                              (d) Themselves, regularization

(d) Only, provocation        

Question 6. Heavy rain ____ washed away the railway track, _____ train services in some sections.

(a) Has, discarded                                      (b) Is, disrupting

(c) Has, disrupting                                     (d) Had, disrupted

(e) Has, blocked      

Question 7. A more painful fact is the ______ of graft that ______ at police stations in many regions of the country.

(a) Extent, prevail                                      (b) Extent, prevails

(c) Limit, reach                                          (d) Amount, existed

(e) Quantum, prevailing    

Question 8. The incident _____ place when the victim, asked a ______ of youths for money.

(a) Had, group                                             (b) Take, group

(c) Took, group                                            (d) Took, herd

(e) Was taken, Group    

Question 9. Although his work was ______ and ______, he was promoted anyway, simply because he had been with the company longer than anyone else.

(a) Incomplete, imprecise                           (b) Negligent, creative

(c) Forceful, extraneous                              (d) Predictable, careful

(e) Forceful, complete    

Question 10. She _____ sang well ______ played the sitar very well.

(a) Also, a                                                    (b) Never, even

(c) Try to, and also                                      (d) Not only, but also

(e) No sooner, than      




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