General Awareness Questions Asked in SSC CHSL 2019-20 17 March: All Shifts


General awareness section generally gives a tough time to aspirants. Questions from Current affairs are mainly asked in the exam covering the majority of the portion. Here are Some of the exact questions asked in SSC CHSL 2019-20.
1. Who is the current chairman of BCCI?
Ans: Sourav Ganguly
2. Which of the following are water-soluble Vitamins?
Ans: Vitamin B & C
3. Which is the largest river island in the world?
Ans: Majuli Island
4. Flagella is a locomotive organ of which of the following?
Ans: Protozoa/ Bacteria
5.Where is the tomb of Sher Shah Suri located?
Ans: Sasaram, Bihar
6.What is the number of base units in the international system of units?
Ans: Seven
7.What is the weight of Chandrayaan 2?
Ans: 2379 kg
8.Which of the following rulers belong to the Chola dynasty?
Ans: Rajendra Chola, Raja Raja Chola
9.How many seats are there in UP’s Lok Sabha are there?
Ans: 80 seats
10. Who is CEO of YES Bank?
Ans: Ravneet Gill
11.International Ozone Layer Day celebrated ?
Ans: 16 September
12.Where is the Rail Coach Factory?
Ans: Kapurthala
13.Highest waterfall in India?
Ans: Kunchikal Falls.
14.Who is the young grandmaster of chess?
Ans: Sergey Karjakin
15.Founders of Twitter?
Ans: Jack Dorsey
16.UNICEF Founded?
Ans: 11 December 1946
17.Kerala, God’s Own Country?
Ans: Shashi Throor
18. What is Nibble?
Ans: Computer Language
19.Chola Kings built which Temple?
Ans: Brihadisvara
20.Sachin first century after how many matches?
Ans: 78
21.The EEG is used to determine the ____ .
Ans: activity of the brain
22.Unit of Gravity?
Ans: newtons
23. Gauri Lankesh Award?
Ans: Yusuf Jameel
24.Who decides MSP?
Ans: Central government.
25.Number of Ladakh Districts?
Ans: 2
26.Speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly?
Ans: Rabindra Nath Mahato
27.The first Indian woman to win a medal at the Olympics?
Ans: Karnam Maleshwari (Padamshree)
28.Copper Atomic Number?
Ans: 29

29. 2019 Peace Prize?
Ans: Abiy Ahmed

30.President House Built-in?
Ans: 1929


31.Padma Prize of 2019?
32.Question Related to Jack Dorsey?
33.6th Schedule related 1 Question?
34.Atal Pension Yojna 2017?
35.Kaemyodha Granth
36.Panchsheel Agreement
37.12th five-year plan
38.Pulela Gopichand Academy


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