General Awareness Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019-20 4th March: All Shift

General Awareness Questions Asked in SSC CGL 2019-20 4th March: All Shifts


General awareness section generally gives a tough time to aspirants. Questions from Current affairs are mainly asked in the exam covering the majority of the portion. Here are Some of the exact questions asked in SSC CGL 2019-20 4th March exam:


1. Who is the chief of Indian Army
Ans.Manoj Mukund Naravane
2. Who is the Chief of the World Bank 
Ans.David Malpass
3. Which city  was the capital of Magadh before 4th century BC
4.Most aged Prime Minister till now
Ans.Mahathir Bin Mohammad
5. Indian Home rule league was established in which year?
6. What is the official name given to the corona virus
Ans.COVID -19
7. Which PSU registered highest profits in the year 2018-19
8. Which metal is used in maximum amount for making gold medal in the Olympics?
9. Raja Rani temple is situated in which state 
10. Article 17 is related to what? 
11.Name the Artificial Lake situated in Gujarat 
Ans.Hamirsar Lake
12. Which country 3D printed heart from heart cells?
13. Who is the CEO of IBM? 
Ans.Ginni Romety
14. Name the book of the Banabhatta 
Ans. Harshcharita , Kadambri
15. Who got Padam Shri  award in Archery in 2019
Ans. Bombayla Devi

16.Who got 50th Dadasaheb Phalkke Award

Ans.Amitabh  Bachchan

17.Last Ruler of Nanda Dynasty


18.ASCEND held at which place ? 


19.Chemical Name of  Laughing Gas

Ans.Nitrous Oxide

20.Gland present between lungs

Ans.Thymus gland

21. Acid present in  vinegar 

Ans.Acetic Acid

22. Wings India held at 


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