Agneepath Scheme

Agneepath Scheme


Agneepath Scheme

The government of India has announced the Agneepath scheme for the recruitment of the youth of India in the Indian Armed Forces. Through this scheme, the younger population of the country is encouraged to take the military as a carrier with a high pay scale. The Agneepath scheme allows the candidates to serve in Indian Armed Forces for four years. The selected candidates in the Agneepath scheme will be known as Agniveers.

The government has announced to recruit about 46000 Agniveers this year. The recruitment is divided into two parts in which up to 25000 Agniveers will be recruited in the first half of December and the remaining Agniveers will be recruited by the first half of February 2023. In this article, we have highlighted all the details including eligibility criteria, salary package, education qualification, and physical fitness with the latest updates.

Latest Updates

  • 10% of the vacancies are reserved for the recruitment in CAPFs and Assam Rifles for the Agniveers, as per the announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)
  • Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal tweeted on Tuesday, that the Haryana government assures job opportunities for the Agniveers who will serve the nation for four years. In his tweet, he said that “Agniveers who will come back after serving the nation for four years shall be given guaranteed jobs.”

What is the Agneepath scheme 2022?

Agneepath scheme was introduced by the government of India to introduce a new human resource management scheme for the Indian armed forces. It is believed that Agneepath’s scheme will give a new image to the Indian armed forces with younger Agniveers on the frontline. Under the scheme, the Agniveers will be allowed to serve the Indian armed forces for 4 years. After the completion of 4 years of service 25% of the Agniveers will be selected for the permanent commission for further 15 years based on merit and Organisation needs. The rest will be released from the armed forces with a good amount of Seva Nidhi. Agnivesh enrolled under the Agneepath scheme will be governed by the army act 1950.

Seva Nidhi package

Under the Agneepath scheme, the government has introduced the Seva Nidhi package for the Agniveers. After 4 years when the Agnivesh will be discharged from the Indian arms forces, the Corpus of 5.02 lakhs will be matched by the government of India and an amount of 11 lakhs with accrued interest will be given to Agniveers. If the Agniveers are selected for further service the Seva Nidhi package will be paid to them which will comprise only their contribution including accrued interest. If there is a case where the Agniveer exits the service before the end of the four-year service program on their request the Seva Nidhi package will be paid with the applicable rate of interest accumulated as of the date and there will be no contribution from the government to that Seva Nidhi package.

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