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SSC CHSL 2018: Practice Questions of English Language

Directions (1-5): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, four words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Once, there was a poor boy who made a living by selling various objects from door to door. This was the way he earned money to pay for his school. One day, as he was walking from house to house as usual, he felt very hungry and weak. He felt that he couldn’t walk even a few steps. He decided to ask for food at a house. He knocked on the door and was stunned to see a beautiful young girl open the door. With much___ (1) _____, he asked the girl for a glass of water. The young girl understood his condition and offered him a huge glass of milk. With an ___ (2) ______look, the boy drank the milk very slowly.“How much do I owe you for this milk?” he asked her. The girl replied, “I do not want any money for this.”The boy thanked the girl from the bottom of his heart and left the place. Years passed by. The young girl grew up. In her youth, unfortunately, she fell ill and was diagnosed with the rarest kind of nervous disorder. Many experienced doctors were ___ (3) ________at her condition, and she was admitted in the city hospital with the most advanced facilities. Dr. Kevin, a renowned neuro specialist was called in by the hospital to examine her. Even with his extraordinary expertise, Dr. Kevin found the girl’s illness very hard to cure. However, with ____ (4) ________and hard work that lasted months, he was finally able to get the disease under control. With careful medication and monitoring, the girl was completely cured in the end. Everyone praised the doctor, but the girl was quite worried about how much the hospital bill would come to. Her family had just a little money kept away in the bank, which was by no means enough to pay for such a long treatment in that reputed hospital. The girl was given the hospital bill finally. With ___ (5) ________hands, she opened it. She was stunned to see that the bill had been crossed out and cancelled, and there was a note underneath signed by Dr. Kevin. “Bill paid years ago with a glass of milk!”

Question1. (a) Conflict                       (b) Hesitation

                    (c) Force                          (d) Persistent

Question2. (a) Credible                      (b) Scared           

                    (c) Interrogative               (d) Astonished               

Question3. (a) Baffled                       (b) Enlightened

                   (c) Relieved                      (d) Deprived

Question4. (a) Laziness                    (b) Irresolution

                    (c) Perseverance            (d) Apathy

Question5. (a) Trembling                   (b) Calm

                     (c) Frozen                        (d) Quaking

Questions (6-10): Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blanks to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question6. The baby looked ______ the toffee with greedy eyes.

(a) Upon                          (b) Into

(c) On                              (d) At

Question7. She deserved the accolades as she ___________ for it.

(a) Hardly worked.                          (b) Working hard

(c) Had worked hard                     (d) has hard worked.

Question8. Let the cat out of the _________.

(a) Bag                              (b) Basket

(c) Well                             (d) Cart

Question9. Providence smiles__________ those who are diligent.

(a) With                             (b) In

(c) Upon                           (d) to           

Question10. He is not a native speaker yet he has a good __________ over French.

(a) Authority               (b) Command

(c) Hold                      (d) Expertise












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