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SSC CGL | SSC CPO Exam 2018: Expected Questions based on Error Detection - Set 14

Questions (1-10) Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error the answer is (d).

1. I saw him (a) / coming out of the hotel (b) / on 10 o’clock. (c) / No error (d).

2. My aunt (a) / was first (b) / to get a degree. (c) / No error (d).

3. He said (a) / that he will meet me (b) / at the restaurant (c) / No error (d).

4. Many persons must have read (a) / ‘The Arabian Nights’ (b) / which is very interesting (c) / No error (d).

5. Mohan leapt (a) / on the opportunity (b) / that came his way. (c) / No error (d).

6. Just as (a) / I was entering the room, (b) / the family was going for a party. (c) / No error. (d)

7. Raj surprised everyone (a) / when he created an unbreakable record (b) / of one and a half centuries. (c) / No error (d).

8. The other day my sister told me (a) / that she will be moving (b) / to her new apartment very soon (c) / No error (d).

9. Do not write him of (a) / as I feel he still has the fire (b) / smouldering in him (c) / No error (d).

10. An emminent surgeon (a) / is visiting the hospital (b) / to attend a surgeons’ conference (c) / No error (d).



Ans1: (c) ‘at’ will replace ‘on’ because ‘at’ preposition is used for pointing out specific time. Hence, at 10 o’clock is the right usage.

Ans2: (b) the will be used before first because the (definite article) is used before ordinal numbers.

Ans3: (b) would will replace will because in Indirect speech will changes into would.

Ans4: (a) The most commonly used word is ‘people’. ‘Persons’ is very rarely used.

Ans5: (b) leap at something: to accept a chance or an opportunity quickly. Hence, at the opportunity is the right usage.

Ans6: (c) here, the family was going to the party is the right usage.

Ans7: (c) Here, of one century and a half is the right usage.

Ans8: (b) The sentence is in the past tense; hence she would be moving is the right usage.

Ans9: (a) write somebody / something off: to decide that somebody / something is a failure or not worth paying any attention to.

Ans10: (a) Eminent (adjective): Famous and respected. ‘Eminent’ will replace ‘Emminent’.




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