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SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Exam Strategy: How To Crack SBI Clerk Prelims Examination

Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that SBI has announced the requirement for SBI clerk 2018 and this year SBI has also changed the time duration limit for each section i.e. 20 minutes for each section. This change will increase competition between banking aspirants and level of the exam has also increased for the students who haven’t great command for each section But don’t worry dear aspirants, here we are going to help you to solve your all problems and we will also discuss about some sectionwise exam stretagies to crack SBI Clerk Prelims 2018:

Reasoning Section:

Reasoning section contains 35 questions of 35 marks in SBI CLERK Prelims, so to score higher marks in reasoning section of any examination, firstly you should know the layout of the section in each exam. Here we are going to discuss about the layout of reasoning section in SBI CLERK prelims and then we will discuss the strategies to score higher marks in reasoning section just in 20 minutes.

Layout of reasoning section in SBI Clerk prelims:


Expected Weight age

Puzzles and seating arrangement15 questions
Coding Decoding(New pattern)5 questions
Inequalities5 questions
Syllogism(expected)5 questions
Alphanumeric series1 questions
Alphabet test/Number test1-2 questions
Miscellaneous(Blood relation, Direction, Ranking)2-3 questions

Strategies for Reasoning section:

  • Follow the last days plan for your better preparation for SBI Clerk 2018, in which we have covered the detailed syllabus of SBI Clerk with strategies.

  • Firstly try to solve the section in which you have great command to solve in minimum interval of time with 100% accuracy.

  • Start your exam section by solving the questions based on inequalities, direction and distance, syllogism, coding-decoding, alphanumeric series, and other such other topics, which are generally less time taking.

  • Don’t waste your time to solve lengthy or tricky question at starting. Just by looking at the question you should realize if it is time taking or confusing, and you can do it only by regular practice.

  • Don’t hesitate to skip your weak topics in reasoning section.

  • SBI Prelims Exam is almost about time management skills rather than testing your knowledge, so be smart while attempting questions.

  • Make sure to crack sectional cut off of reasoning section, if you are weak in reasoning section you should have to attempt minimum questions with maximum accuracy to crack the reasoning section.

  • Keep practicing the questions by setting timer on a daily basis to get used to the types of questions as well as time management, so that you can solve as many as you can in short span of time.

  • Your overall scores depend upon your speed and accuracy, so try to solve the questions with short tricks.

  • Keep practicing on official site of MAKE MY EXAM in daily quiz section.

Tips to solve Puzzles and seating arrangement:

  • Always solve the Puzzles and seating arrangement question at the end because this section is little bit time consuming.

  • This section can cost you more, than it give you in the examination due to lack of practice or inattentiveness.

  • You may get puzzled a lot during your interactive session of these questions. You are supposed to make every piece of information given in the questions fall into place so that you get the answers t your questions.

  • Daily solve 3-4 puzzles with a timer set at 8-10 minutes.

  • You should have to prepare for serious head scratching during these puzzles questions.

Tips to solve coding and decoding:

  • Check whether the sequences in the questions are in an ascending or descending order.

  • Pay attention to the numbers and alphabets in the given code.

  • Always remember the sequencing of alphabets from 1 to 26 or if you haven’t remembered the sequencing then write the alphabets with sequence before starting the exam on your rough sheet. This strategy will save your time during exam and cover your time before starting the exam (the given 1 hour before starting the exam).

  • Look for rules or patterns that the questions might follow. This will give you definite answers due to conceptual understanding.

  • Always pay attention that either the answer is asked in coding form or decoding form, because the students get confused in these two terms.

 Tips to solve syllogism:

  • Always draw Venn diagrams in both definite and indefinite forms which will give you the right conclusion.

  • Always read conclusions before reading the statement, this will help you to analyse either the question is asked on possibility or non possibility case.

Quantitative Section:

Quantitative section contains 35 questions of 35 marks in SBI CLERK Prelims, so while preparing Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk 2018; you must know what the important chapters are. This article will give you an idea about how to crack SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Examination.

Important chapters in quantitative section:

There are mainly 4 chapters in quantitative section those includes 20-25 marks

1. Data Interpretation (5-10 questions)

2. Simplification (5 questions )

3. Number Series (5 questions)

4. Quadratic Equation (5 questions)

Chapter wise weight age:

Aptitude Topics for PrelimsWeight age of Questions
Data Interpretation10-5
Data Sufficiency2-5
Profit and Loss1-3
Time and Work1-2
Ratio and Proportion1-2
Quadratic Questions0-5
Mixture Problems1-2

Tips to crack SBI Clerk Prelims:

  • You should have well prepared for formulas, short tricks, concept, properties etc.

  • This section consumes most of your time if you are not familiar with shortcut tricks.

  • Practice more and more with mock tests and previous year question papers.

  • You should have to manage your time according to your speed.

Prepare your own study plan:

                                          “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

So while focusing on above quote, planning is the main strategy to crack any exam. Create a solid plan where you add all important tasks, breaks, revision, practice and tests.

Study topic wise:

Always focus on one topic at a time and try to solve the different types of questions and mock tests of that particular topic.

Practice of sample papers/Mock test:

This is very important to use the sample papers as they contain the exact type of questions which are always asked in the examination and candidates get to know what exactly they have to prepare and they can prepare it their own way. Candidates from all the categories will need to practice the papers well which will improve their performance.

Revision of all topics:

                                      “Revision is the heart of learning anything”

Revise your syllabus. It’s important to revise topics to retain the information. Through revision, you will be able to focus on your weak areas.

English Section:

To score maximum marks in English, you should have complete knowledge about syllabus and exam pattern because cracking SBI clerk exam is not a piece of cake therefore you have to be aware of each and every aspect of it. Since you will be given 20 minutes solely for English section, this section can score maximum marks because earlier, students used to attempt this section in only 15 minutes, and now you have 20 minutes for it. For those students who are not good at English section now have an opportunity to score well in English, they can take more time to attempt questions easily. So start practicing well before the examination, so that you can attempt maximum questions in only 20 minutes with following strategies:

Exam strategy to score maximum marks in English language in 20 minutes:-

1. Make My Exam provides vocabulary videos daily on its youtube channel, by viewing these videos you can improve English vocabulary to large extent, along with this  you should read newspaper daily  for improving your reading skills, which will help you out while attempting Reading Comprehension.

2. When it comes to cloze test and fillers, do not read options first, read the sentence, try to get an idea of the theme, after that imagine a word that best suits that blank. Now go through the options, look for the word that can replace the word you thought about.

3. You will have to be good at grammar rules for solving error detection part, we know that many of you find it difficult, but Make my exam youtube channel makes it easier and interesting for you.

4. You will have to use common sense at some places like when article ‘an’ is given before a blank, it is obvious that this would be followed by a vowel. These grammatical clues can help you a lot.

5. If we talk about parajumble sentences part, one can score well in this topic because we don’t need grammar knowledge in this section however if you find it difficult to solve yet you can answer 2-3 questions e.g. 1st sentence, 2nd sentence and last sentence.

6. In the last give online make exams as this helps in making strategies, managing time and gives you the experience of real battle.

Click here for the Last Days Plan Of SBI Clerk Prelims

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