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Questions Based On Spelling Errors for SSC CGL TIER -1 Exam 2019

Directions (1-10): In the given questions, there are some spelling errors in the words mentioned in the question. You need to select the alternative which contains the correct spellings of the words given in the question. If the word mentioned in the question is already correct then select option (d) as your answer.

1. Credance

(a) Credence                                           (b) Cridence

(c) Credience                                           (d) No correction required

2. Congrence

(a) Coangruence                                      (b) Congruence

(c) Congruience                                       (d) No correction required

3. Calumany

(a) Calumny                                              (b) Calumnie

(c) Calumony                                            (d) No correction required

4. Raucous

(a) Raucus                                                (b) Rocous

(c) Raucos                                                (d) No correction required

5. Wrangelling

(a) Wrangeling                                          (b) Wrengling

(c) Wrangling                                            (d) No correction required

6. Sedulus  

(a) Saedulous                                           (b) Sedulous

(c) Sedulase                                             (d) No correction required

7. Scrumptous

(a) Scramptious                                        (b) Scrumptious

(c) Scramptious                                        (d) No correction required

8. Scorge

(a) Scourgee                                             (b) Scaurge

(c) Scourge                                               (d) No correction required

9. Ethereal

(a) Ethreal                                                 (b) Ethireal

(c) Etherel                                                 (d) No correction required

10. Rhitoric

(a) Rhetoric                                               (b) Retoric

(c) Rhetauric                                             (d) No correction required


Answers With Explanation:

1. Option (a) is the correct alternative.

Credence means acceptance of a belief or calm especially on the basis of evidence.

2. Option (b) is the correct alternative.

Congruence means agreement or harmony; compatibility.

3. Option (a) is the correct alternative.

Calumny means a false statement made to damage someone’s reputation.

4. Option (d) is the correct alternative.

Raucous means behaving in a noisy and disorderly way.

5. Option (c) is the correct alternative.

Wrangling means engagement in a long, complicated dispute or argument.

6. Option (b) is the correct alternative.

Sedulous means a person who shows dedication or diligence.

7. Option (b) is the correct alternative.

Scrumptious means extremely tasty; delicious.

8. Option (c) is the correct alternative.

Scourge means a whip used as an instrument of punishment.

9. Option (d) is the correct alternative.

Ethereal means extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.

10. Option (a) is the correct alternative.

Rhetoric means the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.





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