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Questions Based On Cloze Test & Error Spotting for SSC GD Exam

Directions (1 - 10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each some alternatives are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. If the appropriate word is not given, then choose option (d) as your answer.

The Wholesale Price _____(1)_____ as a measure of price gains is back in the national spotlight. The latest data, which show a sharp surge in wholesale inflation in June, to a 54-month high of 5.77%, are a cause for ____(2)_____. While the WPI is no longer the primary focus in the Reserve Bank of India’s inflation-targeting _____(3)_____ to monetary policy formulation — having ceded that role to the Consumer Price Index — the gauge remains economically significant nevertheless. The measure of wholesale price gains is the key deflator in computing the Index of _____(4)_______  Production and is also used to ____(5)____ Gross Domestic Product at current prices. A ____(6)____ look at WPI data for June reveals several pressure points warranting closer macro-economic scrutiny. Not only have _____(7)_____ crude oil prices persistently fanned inflation — by contributing significantly to a 214 basis-points month-on-month jump in June for the primary articles group — they have also led to rapidly _____(8)_____ double-digit price gains in the fuel and power group. Inflation in the fuel and power group has quickened every month since February’s 4.55% print, to 16.18% in June. Food articles are another source of _____(9)_____, especially the prices of vegetables and the politically sensitive duo of potatoes and onions. While inflation in vegetable prices more than tripled in pace from May’s 2.51% to 8.12% in June, the annual gains in potato prices have been in a steep upward spiral for five straight months and exceeded 99% in June. And while inflation in onion prices at the wholesale level has cooled ____(10)____from January’s 194% level, at 18.25% the rate is still far from reassuring.

1. (a) Company                                         (b) Index

    (c) Organization                                    (d) None of the above

2. (a) concern                                            (b) glory

    (c) honour                                             (d) None of the above

3. (a) effect                                                (b) affect

    (c) approach                                          (d) None of the above

4. (a) Official                                             (b) Industrious

    (c) Industrial                                          (d) None of the above

5. (a) emphasize                                        (b) deflate

    (c) inflate                                               (d) None of the above

6. (a) detailed                                            (b) detailing

    (c) glaring                                              (d) None of the above

7. (a) rising                                                (b) increasing

    (c) Both (a) and (b)                               (d) None of the above

8. (a) expanding                                        (b) accelerating

    (c) sterling                                             (d) None of the above

9. (a) privy                                                 (b) nabbing

    (c) worry                                                (d) None of the above

10. (a) appreciably                                     (b) scarcely

      (c) harshly                                            (d) None of the above

Direction (11 – 20): Read the sentences to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (D). Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.

11. The bench said the Centre and states/(A) must carry out its directions within four weeks/(B) and file comply reports./(C) No Error/(D)

12. The whole object of the fundamental rights chapter is to strike/(A) down laws that violates fundamental rights which majoritarian/(B) government find difficult to do because of votebank concerns./(C) No Error/(D)

13. Harish filled a petition in the/(A) court alleging he was being threatened to/(B) change his stand in Captain’s favour./(C) No Error/(D)

14. The FIR filed against the Chairman/(A) was purely based on the facts that/(B) came during investigation./(C) No Error/(D)

15. One of my colleagues, who/(A) assisted me in probe, have/(B) implicated in a case./(C) No Error/(D)

16. Lack of infrastructures in the labs of the/(A) government schools and shortage of staff of various science/(B) subjects led students to opt for arts./(C) No Error/(D)

17. As per current regulations, an insurance/(A) company cannot on more than/(B) 15 % stake in any listed financial firms./(C) No Error/(D)

18. Data is infinite divisible by loss/(A) of property and multiple people can/(B) possess the data at the same time./(C) No Error/(D)

19. Once the government frames/(A) law and regulations, all the citizens/(B) have to comply with that and there is no choice./(C) No Error/(D)

20. Large funds are mobilized this year for businesses/(A) expansion, refinancing of debt, working capital/(B) requirements and other general corporate purposes./(C) No Error/(D)


Answers With Explanation:

1. Option (b) is the correct alternative as it is the most appropriate alternative.

2. Option (a) is the correct alternative as a sudden rise in the percentage of Inflation is always a matter of concern (worry).

3. Option (c) is the correct alternative as inflation-targeting is an approach and not an effect/affect.

4. Option (c) is the correct alternative as Official makes no sense and Industrious means hard – working.

5. Option (b) is the correct alternative and it can be estimated from the word ‘deflator’ used in the previous sentence.

6. Option (a) is the correct alternative as detailed means in – depth study and glaring means highly obvious or conspicuous.

7. Option (c) is the correct alternative as both the options can fill the blank appropriately.

8. Option (b) is the correct alternative as it is the most suitable word.

Expanding means to make larger and Sterling means valuable

9. Option (c) is the only correct alternative as Privy means hidden and Nabbing means to catch (someone) doing something wrong.

10. Option (a) is the correct alternative as scarcely means rarely and harshly means rudely and both makes no sense in the sentence.

11. Option (C) is the right alternative as in the third part of the sentence a noun must follow the word ‘file’. Thus compliance must replace comply in the sentence.

12. Option (B) is the correct alternative as ‘violate’ must be used instead of 'violates' as it is used for the 'laws' which is in plural form.

13. Option (A) is the right alternative as petition is not filled and hence filed must be used instead of filled.

14. Option (C) is the correct alternative as ‘came’ must be followed by ‘out’ in the given sentence to make it grammatically correct and meaningful. Came out means to disclose or make known something.

15. Option (B) is the right alternative as ‘have’ must be used instead of 'has' as it is used for ‘One’ and not for ‘colleagues’.

16. Option (A) is the right alternative as ‘infrastructure’ must replace ‘infrastructures’ to make it correct.

17. Option (B) is the right alternative as ‘own’ must be used instead of ‘on’. As ‘own’ means possession of something and ‘on’ is merely a preposition which makes no sense in this sentence.

18. Option (A) is the right alternative as ‘Infinitely’ should be used instead of ‘Infinite’ an adjective is to be used in the sentence.

19. Option (D) is the right alternative as the sentence is already grammatically correct.

20. Option (D) is the right alternative as business must be used instead of businesses.




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