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Missing DI Questions for SBI PO Mains Exam - 1


Q1. What is the total number of students in all the Schools together in year 2015?

A. 3500             B. 3850                                                                             

C. 4044             D. 4564

E. None of these

Q2. What is the Average number of students from all the schools in 2011?

A. 420               B. 440

C. 460               D. 480

E. None of these

Q3. What is the ratio between students from school B in 2014 and school E in 2016?

A. 53 : 55          B. 55 : 57

C. 55 : 59          D. 59 : 61

E. None of these

Q4. What is the difference between the total number of students from school B and total number of students from all the schools in 2015?

A. 464               B. 470

C. 485               D. 504

E. None of these

Q5. If Students of school E is 590 in the year 2013, then find the average number of students in the year 2013 form all the schools?

A. 575               B. 585

C. 595               D. 605

E. None of these

Answer Key

1. C      2. B      3. C      4. A      5. D

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