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Important Daily Vocab Based on the Hindu for IBPS Clerk Set - 77

1) Invidious

 Meaning: unfairly discriminating

Synonym: Obnoxious, Abominable

Antonym: Favorable, Acceptable


2) Whimsical

Meaning: acting or behaving in a capricious

Synonym: Fanciful, Odd

Antonym: Normal, Ordinary


3) Incumbent

Meaning: necessary for someone as a duty or responsibility

Synonym: Obligatory, Mandatory

Antonym: Optional, Unnecessary


4) Obscure

Meaning: not discovered or known about

Synonym: Uncertain, Unknown

Antonym: Clear, visible


5) Impugn

Meaning: dispute the truth, validity or honesty of statement

Synonym: Challenge, Question

Antonym: Agree, Accept


6) Anomaly

Meaning: something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected

Synonym: Irregularity, Inconsistency

Antonym: Usual, Standard


7) Tepid

Meaning: showing little enthusiasm

Synonym: Unenthusiastic, Indifferent

Antonym: Ardent


8) Augur

Meaning: portend a good or bad outcome

Synonym: Forecaster, Diviner

Antonym: Promising  


9) Farce

Meaning: an event or situation that is absurd or disorganized

Synonym: Disorganized


10) Satire

Meaning: the use of humor to expose or criticize people’s stupidity

Synonym: Mockery, Ridicule

Antonym: Seriousness


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