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English Cloze Test Quiz for SBI PO Prelims Exam 2019

Directions (1 - 10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each some alternatives are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case. If the appropriate word is not given, then choose option (e) as your answer.
The RBI's Monetary Policy ____(1)____ on Thursday was framed in the shadow of the interim budget and fiscal slippages. It was also the first policy review of the new RBI Governor. In the event, The RBI surprised the financial markets and many ____(2)____ by announcing a 25 basis points cut in its key policy rate, the repo rate, with two members of the Monetory Policy Committee, including the deputy governor charge of monetory policy, voting for keeping rates____(3)____. Indeed the rate setting committee was ____(4)____ on shifting the policy stance of the Indian Central bank from caliberated tightening to ____(5)____, saying that it would provide the flexibility to meet evolving challenges on the growth front. The RBI has justified a rate cut, taking into ­­___(6)___ the food deflation, decline in headline inflation which is now projected to be below the ___(7)___ target of four per cent by the third quarter of the next fiscal, low oil prices and other external risks such as the impact of slowing Indian economy, Brexit, trade wars and the ___(8)___ of  fiscal slippages. The 130 basis pointsdrop in inflation expectations for the upcoming fiscal in the December round of the household expectations survey of the central bank may have also ___(9)___ the rate setting committee. At 5.6 per cent, core inflation is still high. In its defence, the indian central bank may also have been guided by the evolving stance of other global central banks, which appear ___(10)___ to keep monetary policy loose in the face of slowing growth.
(a) format                                         (b) afoot
(c) review                                         (d) allay
(e) none of the above
(a) folk                                              (b) analysts
(c) authorities                                   (d) politicians
(e) none of the above
(a) sieze                                            (b) effective
(c) high                                             (d) unchanged
(e) none of the above
(a) unanimous                                  (b) influenced
(c) corrupt                                        (d) uncocerned
(e) none of the above
(a) impersonal                                  (b) emergent
(c) doubtless                                    (d) neutral
(e) none of the above
(a) concern                                        (b) confidence
(c) account                                        (d) alley
(e) none of the above
(a) mandated                                    (b) abstract
(c) ordained                                      (d) delegitimised
(e) none of the above
(a) venality                                       (b) indiction
(c) nascent                                        (d) prospect
(e) none of the above
(a) influenced                                   (b) flogged
(c) vindicated                                   (d) inclined
(e) none of the above
(a) disinterested                               (b) persuaded
(c) prompted                                    (d) inclined
(e) none of the above
Answer and Explanation:-
Ans1. Option (c) is the correct alternative as format cannot be prepared for the interim budget because during budget we discuss the reviews and not just the format. Afoot and allay can be safely eliminated because they have completely different meanings.
Afoot means in preparation or progress; happening or beginning to happen.
Allay means diminish or put at rest (fear, suspicion, or worry).
Ans2. Option (b) is the correct alternative as analysts are more concerned about the policy rates and than the folk or authorities.
Ans3. Option (d) is the correct alternative as it is the most appropriate word.
Ans4. Option (a) is the correct alternative as it is the most appropriate word.
Ans5. Option (d) is the correct alternative as rate setting committee was unanimous this is why neutral is the obvious answer.
Ans6. Option (c) is the correct alternative as taking into account is a phrase we use when we consider something or we pay attension to something and here we are concerned about the food deflation.
Ans7. Option (a) is the correct alternative as abstract, ordained, delegitimised can be eliminated as they have meanings which are not appropriate according to the context.
Ans8. Option (d) is the correct alternative as venality means a vice associated with being bribeable.
Indiction means a fiscal period of fifteen years used as a means of dating events and transactions in the Roman Empire.
Nascent means just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential.
Because of the meanings of options (a), (b), (c) they are not suitable.
Ans9. Option (a) is the correct alternative according to the context.
Ans10. Option (d) is the correct alternative as disinterested means not influenced by considerations of personal advantage.
Persuade means induce someone to do something.
Prompt means cause or bring about an action.
With meanings of the options (a), (b), (c) in the mind option(d) seems most suitable.





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