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Current Affairs Quiz 05 and 06 July, 2018 | Daily GK Quiz

1.Which of the following private sector banks has received approval from SEBI to start its mutual fund business recently?
(A) RBL Bank                                      (B) Yes Bank      
(C) Kotak Mahindra Bank                    (D) Bandhan Bank           
(E) DCB Bank
2. The Minimum Support Price for paddy has increased by ________ per quintal.
(A) Rs.100                                            (B) Rs 150           
(C) Rs 200                                            (D) Rs 250           
(E) Rs 300
3. NHA has launched a formal process to empanel public and private hospitals to achieve universal health coverage under which of the following schemes?
(A) Swachh Bharat Scheme                   (B) Janashree Bima Yojana          
(C) Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana                (D) Ayshman Bharat scheme     
(E) Employment state Insurance scheme
4. _____ will discuss with China about Indo-Pacific policy at the upcoming second maritime dialogue.
(A) Pakistan                                            (B) India              
(C) Bangladesh                                       (D) Russia           
(E) Bhutan
5. The Uttar Pradesh government has approved a proposal of _____ crore from PNB for construction of Purvanchal Expressway project.
(A) 5000 crore                                         (B) 12000 crore 
(C) 10000 crore                                       (D) 15000 crore
(E) 20000 crore
6. Which of the following foreign banks has received approval from the RBI to open branches in India recently?
(A) Bank of Moscow                              (B)Nepal Bank  
(C) Bank of China                                   (D) United Overseas Bank           
(E) Habib Bank
7. _______ has been ranked at first position in the national level award competition for professionals on structural steel design and construction for the year 2014-15.
(A) Rajkot Airport                          
(B) Ishanya Exposition and Design Center            
(C) Indoor Stadium of the Sports Authority of Goa          
(D) Chandigarh International Airport      
(E) Vadodara Airport
8.The first edition of World Kayak Championship will be held in which of the following places in Kerala?
(A) Alappuzha                                          (B)Thiruvananthapuram              
(C) Kochi                                                  (D) Kozhikode  
(E) Thrissur
9. _____ has launched USD 1.2 billion environmental credit fund to promote green development and fight pollution.
(A) India                                                    (B)USA
(C) Russia                                                  (D) China            
(E) France
10.________ got permission from the government to mobilize ₹ 1 lakh crore fund for education research and infrastructure.
(A) CIF                                                       (B) EIFI 
(C) ICCE                                                     (D) HEFA             
(E) ICEF  
1. (b) 2. (c)3. (d)4. (b)5. (b)6. (c)7. (e)8. (d)9. (d)10. (d)


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