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Current Affairs Quiz 03 and 04 July, 2018 | Daily GK Quiz

1.Which among the following has invested more than 1 billion euros to reboot its India business with Czech unit Skoda?
(A) Hyundai                                        (B) Audi               
(C) Lamborghini                                 (D) Porsche       
(E) Volkswagen
2. Who has been appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Steel Authority of India Ltd?
(A) Saraswati Prasad                       (B) Anil Kumar Chaudhary           
(C) Alok Sahay                                (D) Soma Mondal            
(E) Prakash Kumar Singh
3. Mid-tier software services firm NIIT Technologies has launched a Centre of Excellence in ________ to focus on emerging technologies in Cognitive Business Process management.
(A) Hyderabad                                  (B) Chennai       
(C) Bengaluru                                   (D) Mumbai       
(E) New Delhi
4.Securities Exchange Board of India has asked _________ to return Rs. 240 crores with 15% interest to its five schemes.
(A) Birla Sun Life Assset Management   
(B) Principal PNB Asset Management Company
(C) Reliance Mutual Fund            
(D) ICICI Prudential Asset Management               
(E) HDFC Mutual Fund
5. Nasdaq signed an agreement with ________ to deliver a customized real-time clearing, risk management, and settlement technology.
(A) Calcutta Stock Exchange        (B) Bombay Stock Exchange       
(C) National Stock Exchange        (D) Madras Stock Exchange        
(E) Ahmedabad Stock Exchange
6. Which of the following countries has maximum Heritage properties in Asia and Pacific region?
(A) India              
(B) China                                             (C) Cambodia    
(D) Russia                                            (E) Japan
7. Which state government has discussed with representatives from World Bank to modernize the inland water transport in the state?
(A) West Bengal                                  (B) Assam           
(C) Kerala                                            (D) Bihar             
(E) Uttar Pradesh
8. The central government has set up e-waste recycling unit in which of the following cities?
(A) New Delhi                                   (B) Chennai       
(C) Bengaluru                                    (D) Mumbai       
(E) Kolkata
9. _______ has invested $100 million in Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd to enlarge M&M’s growth by extending loans to individuals along with financing SME.
(A) IDA                                                  (B) IBRD              
(C) IFC                                                   (D) MIGA            
10. Election Commission launched an Android-based application for citizens to share proof of malpractices by political parties. Name the application.
(A) Vvpat                                              (B) Sveep           
(C) cVIGIL                                            (D) Chunavana 
(E) eci mobile
1. (e)2. (a)3. (c)4. (d)5. (c)6. (b)7. (b)8. (c)9. (c)10. (c)


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