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Current Affairs Questions 05 And 06 April, 2019 | Daily GK Questions

1. 4th Meeting of India-Ukraine Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation (IU-WGTEC) held in which city?
A New Delhi
B Washington DC
C Mumbai
D Geneva
2. Which Bollywood Actor receives honorary doctorate from The University of Law in London?
A Salman Khan
B Shah Rukh Khan
C Ranbir Kapoor
D Ranveer Singh
3.Which Country unveils 5G networks early to secure world first?
A India
B South Korea
 C Srilanka
D None of these
4. International Day of Sport for Development and Peace observed on which Day?
A 7 April
B 10 April
C  6 April
D 24 March
5.Who was  sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court recently?
A K N Tripathi
B T B N Radhakrishnan
C Ranjan Sharma
D None of these
6. ________Village of Manipur tagged as India’s first carbon-positive settlement.
A Phayeng
B Bishnupur.
C Chandel.
D Churachandpur
7. 'My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of which person?
A Parveen Kumar
B Shreya Ghoshal
C Pt. Ravi Shankar
D Ruma Guha
8. Which Bank TIEs up with Bharti Axa Life Insurance Company Limited for Life Insurance Business?
A Karnataka Bank
B Sindh Bank
C Punjab National Bank
D Axis Bank
9. The 2019 International Mine Awareness Day is observed recently on which date? 
A 10 April
B 5April
 C 4April
 D 3April
10. How much has been revised from 25 paise by NPCI for payment transaction up to Rs.1000 using Unified Payments Interface (UPI)?
A 15 paise
B  25 paise
C  20 paise
D 10 paise
Answers With Explanation:-
Ans1(A) New Delhi
The 4th Meeting of India-Ukraine Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation (IU-WGTEC), under the India-Ukraine Inter-Governmental Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Cultural Cooperation was held in New Delhi.
Ans2(B) Shah Rukh Khan
Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan received yet another honorary doctorates from The University of Law (London) in Philanthropy. He was awarded the merit during a graduation ceremony for more than 350 students.
Ans3(B) South Korea
South Korea unveils 5G networks early to secure world first.South Korea’s telecoms providers have turned on super-fast 5G mobile internet networks ahead of schedule, in an attempt to ensure the country is first to launch the services.
Ans4(C) 6 April
The United Nations’ (UN) International day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is observed annually on April 6 to  recognize the power of sport in promoting peace and erasing cultural barriers worldwide.The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) is an annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding.
Ans5(B) T B N Radhakrishnan
Justice T B N Radhakrishnan was sworn-in as the new Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court.West Bengal Governor K N Tripathi administered the oath of office to Justice Radhakrishnan in a solemn ceremony at the high court.
Ans6(A) Phayeng
As part of the carbon-positive village project, Phayeng will receive a grant of Rs10 crore in phases to facilitate afforestation in the catchment of river Maklang that flows along the village.Phayeng is a scheduled caste village of the Chakpa community in Imphal West district and its conservation efforts are mainly linked to the belief that the forest is a sacred grove.
Ans7(C) Pt.Ravi Shankar
An autobiography, a history of Indian classical music, and a manual on how to play the sitar, this book is about music as a both a lifestyle and an art. It embodies Ravi Shankar's unique approach to his craft.
Ans8(A) Karnataka Bank
Karnataka Bank entered into Memorandum of Understanding with Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd. for distribution of latter’s life insurance products.With 95 years of Banking experience and one among the Prominent First Generation Private Sector Banks, Karnataka Bank is into distribution of life insurance products to its customers since last 16 years.
Ans9(C) 4 April
Ans10(D) 10 paise





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